Butt Crack Hair: Removal and Tips to Get Rid of It for Women & Men

Body hair has various purposes depending on where it is located. You have hair on the head, the face, the trunk, the groin area, the butt crack, and legs and other places such as inside the ears and the nose.

If you are wondering what the hair between your butts does, here are a few aspects you need to be aware of.

What is butt crack hair?

How to remove butt crack hair

Between the two butts is a valley-like region where the anus is located. This is the butt crack. You may or may not have hair in this region. It is all a genetic issue. If you have it and wondering what’s its purpose, the following sections are for you.

If you don’t have it, it is not an abnormality. To most people, this kind of hair rarely gives them trouble in terms of growing out too much or such other issues.

What is the purpose of this hair?

The origins and purposes of this hair go back as far as the early evolutionary stages of mankind. Before man could walk upright and put on cloths, the early ancestors of man were walking around naked and in various degrees of crouching positions.

Imagine a gorilla in its natural habitat. Without clothing and with its butt exposed to the elements. Gorillas do not stand upright like human beings do.

This means that their anus is exposed to the cold, the heat, the rain, and pests like ants and the likes. Naturally, the body would develop a mechanism to protect itself from such adverse conditions. Like all the orifices on the body, hair grows around the anus for purposes of protection.

With evolution, the amount of hair would reduce significantly given that its burden was shared by cloths and with the fact that man has an upright posture at the moment. The butts thus cover the anus when standing up hence no need for that much here in the crack.

The other purpose of butt crack hair is the reduction of friction between the butt-cheeks. As you walk, run, sit down and do other activities that involve the independent movement of the feet, the butt cheeks rub against each other causing some friction. It is an unpleasant feeling when this happens and sweat gets in there.

With the butt crack hair present, it will do away with most of the friction given that rubbing against hair is far more pleasant than rubbing skin on skin. Without butt hair, you will have rashes, irritation and infections all caused by friction.

Other than that, butt crack hair also has the important purpose of ventilation. In between your butts, any hot or pungent air that is found there needs to be lost as fast as possible. If you only had skin, it would take a while for the air to move out and away from the body. The hairs thus increase the surface area of the region leading to the easy loss of heat and air.

Care tips

Everyone has butt crack hair. It all depends on the amount you may have. While ladies only have little hairs there, men may have a great amount of it. What should you do with it, you ask.

For one, if you find yourself with a lot of hair around the butt, you need to trim it down or cut if off completely. However, given the benefits of this kind of hair, you should focus on simply reigning it in through controlling its growth.

Before shaving or using any other method to remove this hair, here are a few pointers:

  • It is recommended that you take a hot bath before proceeding. This kills all the bacteria and other microorganisms which may infect the pores after the hair has been removed. The high bath also softens the strands of hair thus reducing the likelihood of having ingrown hair.
  • You then have to identify the direction of hair growth. When shaving or using another method to remove the hair, ensure you do so in the direction of the hair growth; not against it.
  • Before beginning the hair removal process, ensure you have the right equipment as shall be shown below. If not, let a specialist do it for you.

How to remove hair on the butt

If this is your case, here are the options at your disposal:

Laser removal

For permanent removal of hair, you will can put laser technology to use. This method is quite expensive and requires a professional to do it. A beam of laser light is focused on the hair follicle to damage and kill it off. The hair can thus never grow again.


Threading is a neat trick that has been mostly applied to the removal of eyelashes and eyebrows. It involves the use of threads to twist the hair in a given pattern then the hair is easily pulled out. If done right, there will be no pain. The method can be applied to butt crack hair and other hairs on the body.


Waxing is one of the best ways to get a clean bum without the risks associated with using a razor down there. You will not have the irritations associated with having cut your hair as it grows back.

Waxing also prevents the likelihood of chaffing when compared to the use of razors to cut the hair in sensitive parts of the body.

Before going for a waxing session, it is advisable to trim the hair to about ¼ of an inch as that makes it easy for the hair to come off clean with the wax patches.


Depilatories are gels and creams you can apply on parts of the body  and remove the hair as you wish. These creams and gels work by breaking out the hair follicles thus making the removal of hair quite painless and easy to remove the hair.

You simply apply the depilatory, wait for a few minutes then scrap off the hair. You then wash it off with soap and some water then you are good to go.


You can take a pair of scissors or clippers to cut the hair away. While it is an easy method to apply, keep in mind that there is always the risk of cutting yourself. Only use this method when the others are not possible.

Shaving it clean

If you are convinced that you don’t need this hair at all, you have the green light to cut it all out.

Compared to trimming, clean shaving requires more care and skill to do the job well.

You will need a mirror to see the locations that are difficult to see, a cartridge razor and a moisturizing shaving cream.

Take your time when doing this since hurrying up will only increase the likelihood of cutting yourself.


This is probably the most complicated method of removing hair from your butt or any other part of the body. This method involves inserting a needle at the root of a hair follicle then using an electric current to burn away the hair.

Unlike the other methods, this one entails several treatments to be effective. It is also carried out by a professional and is quite expensive.


This is another form of waxing in which, rather than using wax, a sticky ball made of sugar, water, lemon juice with a binding agent is used. This ball is attached to the skin and pulled in the same way wax is. The result is as clean as it is in waxing save for the benefit of using a natural solution.


If the hair in your butt crack is so little that it doesn’t warrant a visit to the beauty parlor, you can simply pluck it out either with your fingers or a pair of pinchers. It may be a bit painful but quite effective.


For most of us, it is only advisable to trim the hair down to short heads that keep their work going but do not grow so much that they become a menace.

For this purpose, you will need a shaving machine meant to tackle the treacherous terrain of your nether regions. The Philips Norelco Bodygroom group of shavers is the most suited for this kind of work. This class of shavers work in such a way that they can get into cracks without causing harm to your delicate regions of the body. Mind you, you don’t want to hurt yourself down there.

Shaving it

While there are downsides to shaving this type of hair, you may consider it due to the following reasons:

  • It improves your level of hygiene. With a trim of this hair, you will have less stains, sweat and other types of dirt on your pants.
  • For purposes of sex in general, trimming your hair does improve stimulation and hygiene.
  • It also improves your confidence when walking in a bikini or naked.
  • It keeps away bacteria and other organisms which may develop in the groin and butt area.

If any of these are your reassigns, go ahead with the trimming or shaving.

The one thing you should focus on when taking care of your butt is to keep it as dry as reasonably possible. Dryness will prevent a lot of issues such  as itching, chafing and irritations. When you decide to shave the butt crack hair, make sure you are using a quality blade to avoid cutting yourself or bruising the skin. If you decide to wax it off, let a professional do it for you.

Unless your career requires you to shave off all the hair in your butt crack, you should instead focus on simply trimming it to a reasonable size as it plays a major role in the way your body works.