Why Is My Period Early?

early period

You have charted your menstrual cycle accurately and, out of the blues, your period appears days or even weeks before its due date. There are several reasons behind such an occurrence some that should worry you and others not. We deal with these issues in detail.Table of ContentsWhat does it mean if you start your period early?Why is my … Read more

PMS Symptoms and How Long Period Signs Last

extreme PMS symptoms

PMS symptoms are the signs that appear in the body before your periods set in. They differ in intensity and time of occurrence in different women.But what should be normal and what is considered extreme? How long should PMS last? What are the best relief remedies to get rid of these annoying signs?Table of ContentsWhat does PMS mean?Early … Read more

How to Stop Bloating During Period

Bloating during period stomach gas

Before and during your period, you may have noticed that you feel bloated and fuller especially in the feet, ankles, legs, abdomen, face and breasts. This is referred to as period bloating and quite a common occurrence.Table of ContentsWhat is bloating?What causes stomach gas during menstruation?1. Intake of alcohol and caffeine2. Uterine … Read more