Things Men Think Women Love But They Actually Hate

This situation often happens: a sunny day off, a picnic is planned, birds sing, the mood is just fine… But a woman is clearly unhappy – she frowns and doesn’t make a sound in response to questions. Why? Maybe you do something that she hates in you! And there are 8 things that may show you what women hate in men. I advise you to carefully read this article and use the advice given in it as a guide to action.

  1. Lack of modesty

So, what do women hate in men? They hate when a man completely stops being shy. They don’t like when he wears only his underwear when he is at home with her (but in the opinion of men, it is advantageous to emphasize the dignity of their musculature). It is annoying when a man doesn’t close in the toilet during a fairly intimate procedure there. Picking a nose in her presence is also capable of completely demoralizing a woman.

  1. Nickname for the “male organ”

Sayings something like “my little car is ready to park into your garage” irritates women no less than point #1. And, perhaps, even more. And if a man proudly smirks during this and unambiguously strokes a woman on the knee or other parts of the body… What could be worse?

  1. Humiliating comments about her favorite TV shows

Nobody claims that TV shows and serials are a great art. Yes, all reality shows for finding talents are almost identical, but all the results of Premier League matches can hardly be called worthy competitors to Shakespeare’s dramas. Just accept it.

  1. Slovenliness

What else do women hate in men? Women don’t like men who don’t care for themselves. A man who doesn’t care for his cleanliness and neatness and who doesn’t care what he wears is a small child. He can cause a compassionate mother to want to take care of him, but sexual feelings – no.

  1. Well-grooming

A man who is strongly stunned by his appearance is not a man but a child who has problems with self-esteem. Maintain the balance, guys. If you don’t know how to maintain balance in this issue, then just don’t be lazy, hire a stylist and discuss together what is fashionable and what is unnecessary nowadays.

  1. Boasting

Men always want to put dust in the women’s eyes. That’s why they immediately talk about their property, cars, cottages, business, and apartments. There are also those who wish to emphasize their status with the help of expensive things, phones, watches, and other similar items. But women from often see only negative moments in such behavior, and it makes sense. It seems to them that a man simply plays and nothing more. Therefore, men, if you want a serious relationship, don’t do it. If you don’t want a one-day relationship, just learn how to build it right.

  1. Arrogance

He condescends to communicate with people and talks to them as if they are worse and more stupid than him; he is rude to those he thinks losers, etc. A woman evaluates a man by the way he communicates with others. Thus, she foresees how a man may communicate with her in their relationship.

  1. Friendship with former

So, what do women hate in men the most? Let’s see…You broke up with a first love a few years ago, but for some reason, continue to be friends with her. And not just to be friends, but ready to participate in her life: to listen to her complaints, to help her in difficult life situations, and so on. “I have to! After all, we are not strangers!” – you declare. “And who am I to you?” – explodes in response your new girlfriend. On the other hand, men are also annoyed when women have their former men as family friends. Maybe it’s better to leave the past in the past and live only in real relationships?