Top 6 Benefits of Postnatal Massage

After 9 long months of pregnancy, every woman is relieved to go through successful delivery and to see their baby strong and healthy.

However, this experience can be life-changing, affecting the entire body and thus requires proper management. Postnatal massage is one of the vital procedures required after delivery and helps in the recovery process for the new mother thus helping restore the body to its normal shape.

According to various experts and therapists, the massage is normally combined with other essentials such as diet and premium products to produce tangible results touching not only the body but also promoting overall wellness.

It’s good to note that the recovery process normally takes time and especially when it comes to the healing of internal scars. This can cause the mother to experience uncomfortable cramps which could range from mild to severe.

There are also many other issues that do normally come up including fatigue, body aches and anxiety all of which can easily be dealt with using postnatal massage.benefits of postnatal massage

As the new mother adjusts to this new life, there are also many responsibilities she has to attend to and all these can cause serious cases of stress.

Postnatal massage helps deal with not only physical but also emotional issues and working with an experience masseuse is of great benefit to the new mother. This kind of massage targets the entire body right from the head all the way down to the feet.

Benefits of professional postnatal massage

The use of postnatal massage isn’t something new. In fact, it has traditionally been used as an effective way to accelerate recovery and also promote better health among new mothers. Below are some of the benefits associated with postnatal massage: –

1. It promotes the healing of internal wounds

The process of childbirth can have a huge toll on a woman’s body. The process has an impact on their body both externally and internally.

Massage is a good way to help in the recovery process especially from muscle tension and sore spots. Massage has also been used to help moms who’ve gone through caesarian section to recover from the effects of this procedure.

There is need to, however, carry this procedure professionally and this is where an experienced masseuse comes in so as to avoid exerting a lot of pressure around the abdomen.

Massage also helps to regulate the flow of fluid within the body while at the same time enhancing the circulation of lymph. It greatly helps in the elimination of waste products and excess fluid. Experts also say that postnatal massage is important for improving blood and oxygen circulation to the different muscles in the body.

2. It promotes relaxation

Not only does the new mom need relaxation of the mind but also the entire body. Massage is used to stimulate the release of natural “feel good hormones” and painkillers in the body known as endorphins.

Endorphins help in lowering stress hormones which are released during and after birth while at the same time-fighting depression and anxiety more effectively. Records show that many new mothers suffer from post birth depression which could range from temporary to serious levels.

This is where a good, professional postnatal massage comes in targeting the shoulders, lower legs, arms, feet and the back. Head massage is also important at this juncture as it provides an amazing soothing effect. Under the hands of an experienced therapist, a new mother will transit smoothly into motherhood and get to relax better.

3. Improves breastfeeding

Lactation hormones are some of the hormones released during massage. As the new mother undergoes postnatal massage, oxytocin is released and this in return helps regulate the level of prolactin in the body.

As the therapist concentrates in the chest muscles with a gentle massage, hardened area and clumps are loosened, blocked ducts opened, and milk production and circulation increased. Massage will also help ease breast pain.

4. Enhances sleep

Taking care of a newborn can take a toll on the new mother. This results in fatigue which easily affects her sleeping pattern, especially when adjusting to the new life. Massage can help improve the mother’s sleeping pattern as it eases fatigue and relax the mind more.

5. Enhances body fluid circulation

It is important to have body fluid balance following a pregnancy. Studies show that after birth, the fluid volume increases by around 50%.

Through massage, there is an increased circulation and drainage of lymphatic thus aiding in the elimination of body waste and excess fluids. As the tissues are stimulated, water in the body is shifted to the right places.

6. Relieves pain

It’s normal for new moms to experience residual body aches. This is intensified especially on the arms, back and shoulders due to childcare and breastfeeding but with the holistic approach of massage, the muscles are relaxed and pain relieved.

These are just some of the benefits associated with postnatal massage but this can only happen if the therapy is done professionally. You can learn more from