How to Make Your Period Lighter

How can you make your period lighter.

Is it possible to make your period lighter and shorter? A heavy flow comes with unpleasant PMS symptoms such as cramping, mood swings and even headaches. To get rid of these symptoms, you need to lighten up your menses. Here’s how to make your menstrual period lighter fast with vitamin C, a bath, water and birth control pills.Common … Read more

Nausea after Period

Nausea after period

What causes nausea after period? Is it normal? In most women, nausea after menses can occur even two weeks after their period ends. Other signs that you may experience with it include cramps and bloating. Here are the causes of nausea after your menstruation.Nausea is that feeling sick such that you want to vomit (throwing up). Most women … Read more