Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

stomach pain during pregnancy

Stomach pain during pregnancy can at times be normal, as your body is constantly shifting, the ligaments are stretching, and the uterus is starting to expand. Let’s not forget to mention morning sickness, which is a normal part of you being pregnant. Though rare, the stomach pain during pregnancy can also be a cause for concern and alarm. … Read more

Spotting During Pregnancy, Is It Normal?

spotting during pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy is a common occurrence given the increased levels of the discharge. However, the spotting may not all be due to the pregnancy as many other causes can be blamed for it. The following sections will lay all that to rest.Table of ContentsSpotting vs. bleeding during pregnancyIs spotting normal during pregnancyHow … Read more

Why Is My Period Early?

early period

You have charted your menstrual cycle accurately and, out of the blues, your period appears days or even weeks before its due date. There are several reasons behind such an occurrence some that should worry you and others not. We deal with these issues in detail.Table of ContentsWhat does it mean if you start your period early?Why is my … Read more